Tips To Have An Incredible Experience In Bed With An Escort

Everyone craves the one-night experience of hot and passionate sex with an escort. So, what is holding you back from having that experience? If you are looking for a great night of rough lovemaking with no strings attached, booking a hot and seductive escort should be your go-to option. This is because this way, there aren’t any hard feelings attached and your only commitment is having fun.

Well, booking an escort and having sex with them is fun in itself. However, certain tips are using which you make the whole experience even more pleasurable. Keep reading to know more about these sex tips.

Book An Escort From A Genuine Website

The most significant factor while booking an escort is the source through which you book them. You are bound to have a great experience if you believe that the source is genuine and trustworthy. This is why booking through trusted escort websites such as is better than finding escorts on the street as the latter process is not credible at all.

Moreover, booking through websites is an easier process providing you with privacy and variety. You can book hot escorts using these websites anywhere in the world. US state escorts such as Atlanta escorts are the best in their game. 

Foreplay Is Important

Most of the time, people pay escorts just to have sex with them, which can be pretty vanilla if you want to have a great time. There is certain other stuff leading up to the sex part that can be just as much fun and pleasurable. A long and seductive foreplay before going at it can make the whole experience 100 times better for you.

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Foreplay includes various things like talking dirty, touching, kissing, etc. to set the mood right. The longer you foreplay, the longer the sex will last. This means more pleasure and a long orgasm are guaranteed.

Try Other Things Than Just Mere Vaginal Intercourse

The best about booking an escort is that you pay them to do stuff that an average woman doesn’t agree to do. So why not utilize this privilege to the fullest? You can explore all your desires and fantasies with the escort you book. Other than that, you can try doing other stuff along with sex to keep it interesting.

Things such as blowjobs, BDSM, anal sex, mutual masturbation, etc. can definitely heat up the room. You can even give each other head-to-toe massages to explore every body part and release those tense muscles before pleasuring them. 

Roleplay With Fun And Naughty Characters

Most people enjoy roleplays during sex. And escorts are the best at doing all kinds of roleplays. You can explore various characters such as-

  • Mischievous student and a strict teacher
  • Desperate assistant and a married businessman
  • Naughty nurse and a horny patient, etc.

The benefit of doing such characters during roleplay is that you get the chance to break away from your usual character and explore more. These roleplays can be hot and heavy, including costumes, and involve strip-teasing so that you have the greatest night of your life. There is truly no denying the fact that roleplays are the best foreplay.

Explore Your Sexual Fantasies And Bring Them To Reality

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One more great way of having an unmatched experience in bed is to truly know your sexual fantasies and desires. If you know what you want, chances are that you will most probably get that in bed with an escort. But how do you find out what you want in bed? Well, that is a great question, and here is how you can answer this question for yourself.

Think about the kind of porn you find the hottest and the things that turn you on the most. It can be anything like thigh-high boots, fishnets, femdom, or even BDSM. If you enjoy watching and imagining such stuff, chances are that you will definitely enjoy experiencing such stuff in real life. 

Don’t Have A Sex-negative Attitude And Don’t Be Ashamed To Explore Your Sexuality

Society has a sex-negative concept engraved in our minds. For this reason, people usually shy away from exploring their sexualities and desires. However, it is high time for you to understand that having sex is completely natural, and being proud of your desires will reflect in your sex life by making it better. 

It provides a sense of freedom which will reflect in your lovemaking skills. You have to be proud of the sexual part of yourself to utilize it to the fullest. The best thing is that a good escort will help you embrace that part of yourself. She will make you feel more masculine and provide the feeling of being on top of the world. 

Don’t Be Shy To Talk Dirty

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Everyone enjoys dirty talking while doing the deed. However, you can keep up with the naughty sayings even before and after having sex for the best foreplay. You can ask the escort to call you whatever you like being called in bed which will further enhance the experience. Here are certain things you can say while “talking dirty”-

  • Instead of saying “is that fine?”, you can say things like “you like that?” which sounds hotter and more passionate.
  • You can make up certain characters and things you would like to call the escort.
  • Be more expressive! Don’t be shy to moan and groan.
  • Breathing heavily is hot in itself and sometimes expresses things that even words cannot.
  • Saying things like “just like that” or moaning heavily when you are about to orgasm can encourage the escort to do the tricks you enjoy the most.

Maintain Eye Contact

Last but not the least, maintaining eye contact with the person you are making love with is phenomenal. It doesn’t matter if the person you are making love with is an escort or a long-term partner, maintaining eye contact provides a sense of familiarity and connection that can make the sex more enjoyable.

Use these tricks on the Atlanta escorts you book using websites such as and observe what a game changer these tips truly are. 

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