Automatenspiele Mit Freispielen: What Should We Need to Know About It?

Slot machines with free spins are among the most popular slot machines among players and are in great demand. It is obvious why this is so: With machines with free spins, you always receive a certain number of free spins and can try your luck again and again. Online slots have been very popular with players and operators since the early days of online casinos in worldwide. 

Though slot machines are still an integral part of all casinos today. Besides, there is no other type of game that is played as often as a slot. Different designs and variations make the possibilities for slot games limitless. In general, the future will also play in this area. Individual slots for each individual player and unique bonus structures will dominate online slots for the next few years.

What are slots with the free spins feature?

Automatenspiele mit freispielen are offers where you get a few free rounds to play with when you play. This gives you, as a player, the chance to test the slot machine without having to risk your money from the start. These free spins features are often unlocked for newly registered players – but can also occur as a bonus for already registered players. This feature varies from casino to casino. According to a survey by psychology experts, these free spins feature has a positive effect on casino players by encouraging them to play the free games.

Does free spins also available for casino?

The free spins are often advertised as a casino bonus for slot machines with free spins. These then not only apply to new customers, but are also available to other players throughout the year. These bonus offers usually work in Austrian online casinos in such a way that you receive a special code. This bonus free spin code must then be entered in the appropriate field during the next deposit. In addition to the deposit, you also get free spins or free spins for slot games. Often this is around 15 free spins on any slot machine. Special conditions of the free play features apply to the jackpots of the online casino.

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How to play Slots with free spins on mobile or tablet?

Slots for mobile and tablet are offered in all mobile-optimized online casinos in Austria. There is no question that in this time when digitization is very important, one should hardly do without it. The losses would be too great if you didn’t offer a mobile or tablet offer. That is why there are also slots with free spins in various casinos that have mobile offers. These essentially do not differ from those found in normal casinos that can be played on a PC. However, there are some mobile-only special offers in the mobile casino world that you should be aware of.

Advantages and disadvantages of free spins

There are some pros and cons to free spins slots to consider before playing. For this reason, we has created a clear list for you.


  1. A big advantage is that you do not have to take any of your own money with the free spins. So you can win free money.
  1. Free spins are perfect for trying out different games. Again, without losing your own money.


  1. A disadvantage of the slots with free spins is that the chances of winning are not quite as high.
  2. Since free spins rounds are often limited, you cannot play at the highest levels.

The Bottom Line:

However, most casinos have special free spins promotions at different times of the year.  It may be the case that extra free spins are offered in a few casinos at Christmas or that there are special slot promotions for the summer, for example. You should definitely take advantage of these and use them to your advantage.

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