The Ashes series – rules of cricket betting via Parimatch

As it’s well known, cricket is a very famous and spectacular team sport. And it isn’t a surprise that bettors all over the world wait for the biggest events to cheer for their favorite team and try to make some winning bets in the process. One of the most anticipated and interesting tournaments in the world of cricket is the Ashes series. It occurs every two years and is basically a duel between the teams of England and Australia. The popularity of this event makes it a brilliant opportunity for the bettors to win some money betting on a lot of exciting markets. The best place to do so is because it has a wide betting line and high odds. You only need to go through a simple registration process and deposit your account – and let the betting begin.

Important information about the Ashes series – learn it before making the bet

If you don’t want to lose your money do some research before placing the bet. First of all, learn the sports rules – betting on the terms you don’t understand is never a good idea. Next step will be to read the tournament’s terms because every cricket competition has its own features. And at last you must check all available information about the participants, for example teams’ statistics and current shape analysis can be easily found via Parimatch website. 

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The Ashes 2023 will be hosted next summer in England. There are both men and women’s teams participating in the usual five-test series starting in June. Although Australia is considered to be one of the most successful teams in the history of cricket, both countries will be determined to reclaim the Ashes trophy this season. Place your bet on the country you think might win or bet on individual player performances – all that and more available for the Parimatch clients. 

Markets and odds for the Ashes series 2023 via Parimatch website

Betting with Parimatch you’ll get the chance to see your favorite players and spectacular games with the access to live broadcasts and live betting line. Thanks to the gap between the seasons, the bettors will have the opportunity to change their chosen markets and correct their forecast. The high-profile matches guarantee you make exciting moments as most of the players who participate in the Ashes are among the top players in the T20. Below are the most popular bets between the cricket bettors: 

  • betting on the match winner;
  • outright winner bets;
  • top batsman betting;
  • totals betting!

Learn the cricket rules, do some background research on the teams and start betting with Parimatch! You still have the time to do it until the next Ashes season begins. Remember – quality preparation is extremely important and it will surely increase your chances of winning bets.

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