How to close ICICI credit card (Easiest Way)

How to close ICICI credit card

ICICI Bank is one of the Best Credit Card Companies in India offering Great Rewards & cashback. However, If You are Not Satisfied with the Services, You can consider to Close Your Credit Card. This Article Shares the Easy Step by Step Guide on How to Close ICICI credit card. 

A credit card is one of the Most convenient Ways to Making online & offline Payments. If You manage Your credit card Wisely, You can Earn Reward points, Cash-back & interest-free credit. However, despite the so many benefits, It is Not Easy to Maintain a credit card. 

Closing Your ICICI Bank credit card is a Simple Process. But Before Closing Your Credit card, certain things need to be taken care of. Listed Below is the Detailed Guide on How to Close ICICI credit cards Properly. 

How to close ICICI Credit card (Easy Steps)

  • ICICI Bank Customer Care – ICICI Bank credit card Holders can Close Their credit cards anytime by calling the ICICI Customer care Toll-Free Numbers. Dial 18601207777 From Your Registered Mobile Number to Get in touch with the Customer care Executive. 
  • Credit card Cancellation Form – Download the ICICI credit card Cancellation Form From the official Website of ICICI bank. Once Downloaded, Fill in all the Details Like Name, Credit card Number, Mobile Number, E-Mail, City & Reason for Cancellation. Once Filled, Now Submit the Form to Your ICICI Branch. Within 3 Working Days, The Bank representative will call You to Confirm the Request. Once Processed, the card will be Closed within 7-10 Working Days. 
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Things to Consider Before Closing Credit card 

Canceling Your Credit card can Affect Your Credit Score. It is Important to close the credit card Properly. Here the Top Five things to consider Before closing credit cards.

  • Pay remaining Bills- Before You Cancel or Close Your credit card, it is Important to Pay all the Remaining Bills. This Way it Won’t Affect Your Credit Score. 
  • Redeem all Rewards – If You cancel Your credit card, You won’t be able to Redeem Your old Rewards. Before You lose out on any rewards you earned, Better You Redeem them all.
  • Send official Cancellation letter – Send an official confirmation Mail or Letter to Your Bank. Briefly Explain Why You Want to Cancel the Card in your Letter. 
  • Destroy Your Card – Once all the Procedures for closing the card is officially Done, Just Cut Your Credit Card into Piece. 
  • De-Link Automatic Payments – Remove all Your Automatic Payments Like Monthly Bills, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, and Link all these Payments to Your New credit card. 

FAQ ( ICICI Bank Credit Card)

Does closing a credit card affect your credit score?

Yes, It Does Affect Your Credit Score Unless You have Followed the Proper Method to close Your card. 

How to Reactivate ICICI Bank Closed Credit card?

To Reactivate Your credit card, You can get in touch with ICICI Bank credit card Customer care Toll-Free Number at 1800-200-8181. 

What Happens if There an Unpaid Balance on the Credit card?

To close Your credit card, You have to First Pay all the unpaid Dues. Before paying the Remaining credit card Bills, the Bank Won’t Accept Your Request to close the card. 

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Should I close my credit card if I don’t use it?

If You Can Not Afford to Pay the Yearly Maintenance Bills of Your Credit card, You can consider closing Your credit card. 

In Conclusion

We Hope This Article Solve Your Queries Regarding How to close ICICI credit cards online & offline. For any Doubts Regarding credit card Cancellation, You can get in touch with ICICI Credit card Customer care or Drop a Comment Below. 


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