How to Improve Coverage On Your Phone: Proven Ways

Over the past two decades, we’ve come a long way in terms of mobile phone availability around the world. Coverage issues are much less common nowadays, but they can still make it difficult to use your phone, sadly. Our complete guide comes with this article from the Uctel team. You will further learn about the benefits of a hotel signal booster and other ways to deal with poor connections anywhere.

What are the causes of coverage issues on the phone?

Poor coverage on the phone can still happen to us away from urban infrastructure or on the road. It also happens that we suddenly have connection concerns in places where similar failures have not occurred before. We explain where the interference might have come from and how to fix it.

 As the practice of using smartphones shows, both coverage and Internet connection concerns do not depend solely on the absence of a cell phone mast in the immediate vicinity. A number of factors affect the quality of our voice connection, and sometimes we can improve coverage ourselves without additional accessories or equipment. Fortunately, the telephone infrastructure worldwide stands at a very high level and the need to install such gadgets as a signal booster arises occasionally, mainly in places with extremely unfortunate locations such as a valley far from the city or a dense forest.

 Contrary to appearances, in terms of coverage and access to high-speed Internet (at least LTE), due to the vast territory remote from cities, there are often problems with coverage.

 Lack of coverage on the phone is very typically due to the terrain. In such cases, the proximity of the operator’s mast is frequently not helpful, as the propagating signal simply does not reach, for example, valleys, especially if they are also forested areas. Also, problematic can be places where it is sometimes extremely windy. Paradoxically, in the case of coverage, the old proverb “darkest under the lamp post” also applies, as problems with the network are often experienced by people living in the immediate vicinity of a GSM mast.

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 Finally, the source of the problem may be our smartphones. Such cases most often occur when we are on the road, but not always. The issue is the situation when our phone connects to a particular operator’s mast and pulls the signal from there, even if there is another, more favorable piece of telecommunications infrastructure in the area. Typically, it is, for example, an extremely user-laden mast, which in turn results in a lack of available network. Fortunately, for each of these cases, there are proven ways to strengthen coverage on the phone. 

 How to improve coverage on the phone?

 Let’s start with situations that confront us outside the home. If the range dashes on the display disappear during a trip to nature, the best way is to find the optimal position. To do this, it is usually enough to climb to the highest point in the area. An open space will also help if we have previously walked in the woods, for example.

If the range failure is due to an error on our phone, it’s best to start with the tried-and-true “turn the device off and on” method. This trivial advice can really help because, after restarting, the smartphone will begin to reconnect to the network. 

  • If it previously failed to provide us with coverage due to improper calibration, the problem should disappear after a restart. Identically, the device may behave differently in the case of Internet connectivity. 
  • If you are concerned, for example, about the battery level, it may be equally effective to use airplane mode for several seconds.
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Let’s take a quick look at hotel signal booster benefits and the concerns with the connection that can be overcome. 

 How to get rid of problems with coverage at home?

 Before signing a subscription contract, it’s a good idea to first check the coverage map on the operator’s website. This allows us to verify whether our place of residence is in the zone of optimal network coverage. If you have a phone with a 5G module, it’s also a good idea to check whether our address is within the range of fifth-generation mobile Internet.

Improving the quality of voice calls can also be influenced by home Wi-Fi. The feature in question is Wi-Fi Calling, which involves strengthening the call signal by using data transmission. Outside the home, on the other hand, a hotel Wi-Fi signal booster will be useful, which works similarly using the 4G network. Another technical way to improve coverage on your phone is through automated network selection. This option is often saved by default in our phone’s settings, but it’s worth verifying. Automatic network selection allows our smartphone to search for the optimal Internet network, which in turn can improve call quality.

 How do you improve Wi-Fi coverage on your phone?

 We already know how to improve coverage on the phone, but connectivity problems are not limited to voice calls. Some of us just as typically call others via instant messaging. Then the quality of the Wi-Fi signal is crucial, and this can vary, especially in larger buildings.

 In order to enjoy high-speed Internet in every corner, it is advisable to place a Wi-Fi router in a central part of the house or apartment. Sometimes, however, we are forced to install the router, for example, in an extreme place on our premises, which can cause concerns in further rooms or on the first floor. In such a situation, a good solution will be a Wi-Fi signal booster, which increases the range of the home network. It is also worth ensuring that the router is placed about 1.5 meters above the floor so that the signal spreads more easily through the apartment.

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