How Heavy Are Solar Panels?

Despite Canada only consuming a fraction of the solar energy of places like China and the US, the installation of such devices is on the rise. Though, some people have concerns about installation, and need to know a bit more about what it entails. Common questions include, “How heavy are solar panels?” and “How large are they?”

This article will offer a few answers to these questions and more. As you read on, understand that solar energy is the future. Learning these facts will help you be at the forefront of a new tomorrow for the country.

How Heavy Are Solar Panels

The weight of solar panels can often depend on the specific manufacturer you choose to work with. Still, companies like Blue Raven Solar try to use panels that work best for residential homes. As such, you can expect the solar panel weight to match that which a normal house can withstand.

On average, though, most panels are around 15-25kg per panel, and specialists will make sure they place them in a way that spreads this out.

Of course, if you have a larger roof and want more panels, this will linearly increase the amount of weight they take up. Each panel will add to the total, meaning the more power you generate, the heavier the setup will be.

Typical Solar Panel Sizes

Of course, larger panels will weigh more. So, what are the most common solar panel sizes and how high do they often go?

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Many of them have a wide range of sizes, though for homes the most common panel is around 1m by 1.5m. This allows a large amount of customizability in their layout and tesselation of them over the whole roof.

The solar panel size of a commercial device might be a little larger, and utility-scale panels go even further. Though, you will not find these in most normal homes.

Ensuring Your Surface Can Bear the Weight

Before a specialist installs any device on your roof, they will test it to make sure it can take the weight of solar panels as well as any other devices. If necessary, they may decide a roof needs extra reinforcement to withstand the mass of several panels. In such a situation, they may even suggest ground-mounted panels to be safe.

Safety is paramount when putting up such devices, so feel free to talk to the installation technician. Giving them all the information about the state of your roof will help you avoid disappointment later.

Picking Up the Best Solar For You

Now that you can respond to questions like, “How heavy are solar panels?”, you can start putting your knowledge into practice. It is likely time to think about installing some panels in your home, but do you know how to do that?

Lucky for you, we have plenty of articles on the ins and outs of many different types of energy. So, check out our blog and learn more about how to be a more eco-friendly energy user moving forward.

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