How To Check Vehicle Insurance Status

Check Vehicle Insurance

You may have forgotten your car insurance plan number, misplaced the policy documents, or met with an accident and need to verify your insurance coverage details. Vehicle insurance information, including coverage details, expiration and renewal dates, may be accessed by contacting the customer care executives of your insurance provider. Alternatively, one may quickly check his/her automobile insurance data and coverage for consumables in car insurance online and stay up to date on expiration or renewal dates.

How to check insurance details online

You can check the status of your moto insurance online by visiting your insurer’s website or mobile app. All insurance providers track the insurance plans sold to customers. A car’s registration number is generally required by all insurers, though some may request other information. While specific information required may vary across insurance providers, the vehicle identification number (VIN) is always needed.

Check car insurance via various portals

Keep your car’s registration number, address and contact number, and the details of the accident (in case you’ve met with one), like place and date, handy before you check the status online. You can access the following portals:

1. Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) Portal

You can check the specifics of your car insurance policy after providing the necessary information, including your name, address, email id, mobile number, and vehicle registration number. You can also enter your vehicle’s engine and chassis number to verify the status of your policy.

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When utilising the IIB portal, remember these rules:

  • Enter your vehicle’s registration number without using spaces or other special characters.
  • After two months, the IIB database updates the portal with the latest policy information. During this time, you will only be able to get information if you attempt to check your moto insurance online.
  • This portal only permits three attempts via email or mobile.
  • You can only access data on automobiles bought on or after April 1, 2020.

2. VAHAN e-Services

You can go to the VAHAN e-services portal if the IIB portal doesn’t show the insurance details of your car.

  • Select Know Your Vehicle Details from the top menu bar.
  • Click on the Search Vehicle button after entering your vehicle’s VIN.
  • The screen will show the expiration date for the insurance policy.

You can also visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) portal or the State Transport Department website.

3. Parivahan Sewa

For the convenience of Indian citizens, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways developed the Parivahan Sewa website. The Sarathi Parivahan portal updates the information within two working days after you purchase a new car or renew your moto insurance online.

The mParivahan app is another way to authenticate your auto insurance information. Download the mParivahan app on your smartphone and follow the steps listed below:

  • Select your desired language and click on Continue.
  • Enter your vehicle’s registration number or your driving license number, and click the Search button to verify that your auto insurance coverage is still in effect.
  • Sign in with your registered cell phone number to proceed.
  • You can evaluate the status of your vehicle’s insurance policy when you sign in.
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How to check car insurance details offline

You may find out the status of your auto insurance by contacting the relevant RTO if you don’t feel confident about doing it online. You can also contact your insurance provider to file a claim to recover the financial loss if your vehicle gets damaged in an accident. If you wish to know more about the vehicle insurance data of the other car, you should contact the relevant RTO.

What should you do if your car doesn’t have a Registration Number?

Under Rule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules and Section 177 of the MV Act, driving a car or motorcycle without a valid registration number is a punishable offence.

Bottom Line

Digitisation has made it easier for car owners to access information about their insurance policies. Online services allow for quotes, comparison of various insurance plans, calculation of costs, purchase of the best auto insurance, and status checks. In addition, customers can now easily purchase a fair-priced car insurance policy and renew them before expiration. Moreover, being able to access the details of your insurance coverage, particularly in times of need, can bail you out of a sticky situation. For instance, if you’ve lost the policy documents or need to spend money on consumables, acquiring details of your moto insurance online can give you a clear idea about the coverage provided. And if you can do all this online, it does make owning and maintaining a car simpler.

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