RBL Bank Full Form – What Does RBL stands For ?

RBL Bank Full Form

RBL Bank Full Form & History

RBL Bank Full Form is Ratnakar Bank Limited. Headquatered in Mumbai Maharastra, the RBL Bank is one of the Fastest-Growing Private Sector Banks in India. Established in August 1943, It started as a Regional Bank with Two Branches in Kolhapur. 

RBL Bank Assisted Small and Medium Size Businesses in Kolhapur and Sangli Area. Almost 30 years later, Ratnakar Bank received the Banking License from the Reserve Bank of India in 1970. 

RBL offers various Banking and Financial Services to its Customer. It specialized in Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking, Retail Asset, Business Banking, and Financial Inclusion. In addition, With the Network of 372 branches and 394 ATMs in 28 States of our country, The RBL is Delivering the Best cost-effective Banking Services to its Customers. This Was all about RBL Bank Full Form. 

RBL Bank Credit Line Application 

In 2018 the RBL bank Launched the Indias First personal credit line based app in collaboration with MoneyTap. The Application Lets You get credit with a few taps on your Mobile Phone. 

Once You are registered with MoneyTap App, You will Get a pre-approved limit. A Bank Executive will visit You for KYC within Few Days. After the KYC is Done, Now You will Get Your Credit. 

MoneyTap Guarantee You access to Your money with 24 Hours. You can Apply for Loans as low as 3000 INR up to 5 Lakh. You can Click Here to Know More about RBL & MoneyTap Credit Line App. 

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RBL Bank Funding & Operations 

RBL is Known for the Contribution it has done to our Society. Not just in the Banking and Financial Sector, the RBL also ran a Literacy Program Saksham where they Provided education to 25,000 individuals in 300 Different Villages in Madhya Pradesh. 

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RBL received the Funding of 4,000 crore INR from Investors in 2010. In a Span of the Next five Years, RBL Banks Raised funding of a total of 1,892 Crore. In August 2020 Bank Raise 1566 crore by preferential issue. Being one of the best Private Banks in India, People are Always Curious to Know the RBL Bank Full Form. 

In Conclusion 

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