How to Block ICICI Debit Card online?

how to block icici debit card

So You have Lost Your Debit card But Do Not know how to Block ICICI Debit card? Don’t Worry, We Have Got You cover. In this article, We have Shared 4 Different Ways to Block Your Debit card in case of Lost or Stolen. 

Debit cards are one of the Main Banking Tools We Have. Debit cards have Eliminated the need for carrying physical cash everywhere. ATM cards are Extremely Simple to Use. You can Withdrawal cash and Pay for Different Services by Swiping. 

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A lost or stolen ATM card isn’t just disturbing. When You Lose Your Debit card, Your First Priority Should be to Block Your card As Soon as Possible. ICICI Banks Ensures that Blocking the Stolen or Lost Debit card is Simple and hassle-Free. This allows all the ICICI Bank account Holders to Take Necessary Steps and Avoid any Fraud or Misuse of the card. Let us Know More about how to Block ICICI Debit card. 

How to Block ICICI Debit Card online?

The ICICI Account Holders can Easily Block their Lost Debit card online Using the Internet Baking Services. Follow the Simple Steps mentioned Below to Block Your Card online. 

  • Visit the official Internet Banking Website of ICICI bank.
  • Enter Your Username and Password for Login.
  • Once Logged In, Navigate to Customer Service in Header Menu & Click on Service Request.
  • Under the Emergency Service List, Select Block Debit/ATM card option.
  • Select the Card You want to Block and click on Submit. Your ICICI Debit card will be Blocked Instantly. 
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How to Block ICICI Debit card by Calling the ICICI Bank Customer Care 

ICICI Bank Customer care offers complete support in case of any Queries related to Banking. The Customers can Avail this Service through ICICI Bank Toll-Free Number. The Account Holders have an option to Block their Debit card by Registering the Complaint to ICICI Customer Care. 

  • Dial ICICI Customer care Number 1860 120 7777 From your registered Mobile Number. 
  • Get in touch with the customer executive and Report Your Issue. 
  • The Executive may ask You for Details Like Card Number. Once verified, they will Block Your ATM Card. 

You can also contact the ICICI Bank 24 Hours Customer care Number +91 22-3366 7777. Register Your Complaint about Lost ATM card or Unauthorised transactions from Your Account anytime. The Customer Executive will help You resolve the Issue. 

Block Your ATM Card Using the IMobile App

Imobile App is a Mobile Banking Application from ICICI Bank. If You have access to the App, You can Block Your ICICI Debit card Immediately. 

  • Download the iMobile App from the Playstore to Your Mobile Phone.
  • Login to Your Account with the MPIN Provided by Bank.
  • Navigate to Services and Scroll Down to Card Services. 
  • Click on Block Debit/ATM Card
  • Select Your Card Type, Like Debit card, and Select the Card Number. 
  • Click on Submit to Proceed the Action. Your Debit card will be Blocked by the Bank Instantly. 

This is How to Block ICICI Debit card Using the Mobile Banking App. Make sure You have Generated the MPIN to Access the Services by Application.

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Block Your ATM Card by Visiting the Nearest ICICI Branch 

If You are still Querying How to Block ICICI Debit card and None of the Methods are Working for You, You can Visit Your Nearest ICICI Branch.

  • Visit The Nearest ICICI Branch in Your Area.
  • Provide Details of Your Lost Debit card to Bank Executive.
  • The Bank Professional will verify all the Details and Block Your Debit card instantly. 

After You have Requested Card Debit card Blocking, You can also apply for Your New Debit card. Write an Application Letter to the Branch Manager requesting a New Debit card. The Bank will Process Your Request and Send the Debit cum ATM card to Your Registered Address.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Can I Block my Debit card using SMS Banking?

No, You can Not Block Your Debit card using SMS Banking. But You can use the iMobile App to Block.

How to Block my Debit card using via Phone Call?

To Block Your ICICI Debit card, You Need to call ICICI Bank 24×7 Customer Service. Call 1860 120 7777 From Your Registered Mobile Number. 

How to Get a New Debit card after Blocking the old card?

Write a Letter to the Manager requesting a New Debit card. The card will be Delivered to Your Home within 7 Working Days. 

In Conclusion 

Your Debit card is Linked to Your Bank Account. If You misplace Your Debit card, anyone can Misuse it for unauthorized Transactions. It is Very Important to Act Immediately and Block Your Debit card to Protect Your Money.

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We Hope this Article Helped You to Know More about how to block ICICI Debit card. If You have any queries related to Debit or credit card, Make sure to share with us in the Comments Below. 

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