How to Find ICICI cash Deposit machine Near Me

icici cash deposit machine near me

ICICI Cash Deposit Machine Near Me – Cash Deposit Machine or CDM is Self Service Terminal Which Lets You Deposit Cash directly into your account using the ATM cum debit card. There is No Need to Stand in Long Queue for Hours in Your Branch just to Deposit Cash at Your Account. You can Walk to Your Nearest Cash Deposit Machine and Deposit Cash in Your Bank Account. 

ICICI is one of the Largest Private Sector Banks in India. The Bank offers a Wide Range of Banking & Financial Services to its Customers. ICICI Bank Cash Deposit Machine offers a complete Solution for Cash deposits. 

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The Biggest Advantage of using the CDM for Deposit is that it is available 24×7. Just Search for the icici cash deposit machine near me on Your Smartphone, Find the Nearest CDM machine, and Simply Deposit Your Money without any Hassel. 

How to find the ICICI Deposit Machine Near Me? 

Finding an ICICI CDM Machine is Simple. Just Follow the Link Here and Navigate to Your State and City in the List of Cash Deposit Machine Branches. 

or You can use this ICICI ATM Deposit Machine Finder to find the nearest ICICI Bank ATM. 

icici deposit machine near me

How to Use CDM to Deposit Cash?

A Cash Deposit Machine is Very Easy. You Just have to use Your Debit card to deposit money. Swipe Your card to get Started with the Deposit. 

  • Insert Your Debit card and Enter Your 4-Digit PIN.
  • Select Your Account Type.
  • Place Your Money in CDM and Click on Continue.
  • The Machine will Count Your Money and it will Show the Amount Deposited. 
  • If Correct Click on “Deposit”
  • Your Money Will be Deposited in Your Account & Receipt will be Generated. 
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Wasn’t it Easy? Just Find ICICI Cash Deposit Machine Near Me and Get Started with Your Deposits in Minutes. The Minimum Amount that can be Deposited in CDM is 100 Rupees. The Cash Deposit Machine will Accept all the Notes in Multiple of 100 up to Rs.2000. 

Benefits of Using a Cash Deposit Machine 

  • Instant Cash Deposit in Your Account.
  • All the transactions are paperless.
  • There is No need to Visit Bank and Stand in Long Queue for Deposits.
  • CDM Accept denominations of Rupees 100,200,500 & 2000. 

FAQ ( Cash Deposit Machine )

What are the Facilities Available in ICICI CDM?

You can check Your Account Balance, Mini Statement, or Deposit Cash from the CDM.

Is There any Minimum and Maximum Limit Per day for Withdrawl?

Yes, Banks Set withdrawal limits for Their Customers.

In Conclusion 

Keeping Your Cash in Store Increases the Risk of Theft. Depositing Your money from time to time in Your Bank Account Reduces the Risk Significantly. Hope this Article Helped You to find ICICI Cash Deposit Machine Near me. We have also Written a Detailed Article on ATMs You can read that to Know More about ATM History & Functions Here. 

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