Best places to visit in South Mumbai

Every city has its own baggage, its own problems & its own solutions when it comes to traversing it, deciphering it & well understanding it. With every migrant comes a new story & with every story this city of dreams plans on pushing you to do your best in spite of problems, in spite of issues, in spite of your own personal struggles. 

We as humans have extremely finite energies when it comes to talking to people, socializing, and traveling. Preserving our emotional energy is the most important thing we can do for our mental health in this current economy. What do we do when we aim on recharging our system ? We pick up hobbies, hobbies that help us grow, hobbies that give us happiness, hobbies that help us sustain our physical & mental growth. We have had a long history of creating, of being storytellers, rewinding our own journey, learning from it but something we are not good at is…boredom.  Whether it’s enjoying the best cuisines you can ever lay your hands on or whether it’s spending your days by the beach when you reflect at your family back home, or whether it’s just enjoying the pristine Mumbai breeze in solitude. 

We have tricks racked under our sleeve for each one of them, we have 10 places you can traverse to or visit in south mumbai.

  • Gateway of India – 

‘Gateway of India’ is a place you cannot afford to miss if you have visited Mumbai. Let’s understand the historical context of the place. The place served as an entrance for the British viceroys to enter India, to be particularly an entrance for King George V and Queen Mary in 1911. The foundation stone was laid in 1913 and the inauguration was conducted in 1924 even when the figure was constructed in 1920. The place is also symbolic because it served as the last entrance for britishers when they left India. The architecture is a mix of Gujarati, Indo – Saracenic and Muslim traditional styles. This location also serves as a fantastic location for tourist attraction amid the coastal breeze with street vendors, performers & tourists rummaging up from all locations. The gateway stands as a perfect cultural landmark for Mumbai, one which represents prosperity, freedom & happiness.

  • Marine drive – 
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Understand what the Arabian sea embodies by spending time with your family, friends & loved ones on Marine Drive. The marine drive which stretches around 3.9 km to the northern coast of the Arabian Sea is also called the ‘ Queen’s Necklace’. People from all over Mumbai visit Marine drives to sit amid the coastly breeze & just enjoy the panoramic view of nature. The promenade is adorned with multiple hotels, restaurants, prime residential buildings interspersed together. The Chowpatty beach to the northern side of the drive serves as a place for relaxation & rejuvenation for multiple tourists visiting the location. The drive was constructed by Pallonji Mistry. In conclusion, marine drive not only encapsulates the essence of Mumbai but it also condenses all the historical significance, the experiences & the symbolism.

  • Elephanta Caves – 

The Elephanta caves are located 10 kilometers from the east of Mumbai, the island is accessible by boat & the travelers can visit the caves by a ferry ride. The caves also hold a lot of significance when it comes to history, they were built in the 5th & 8th century around the dynasties of Chalukyas, Mauryas, Rashtrakutas. The caves & their storytelling mostly revolves around the story of Shiva, how he met Parvathi & married her, his form of ardhanareeswara & his cosmic avatar of Nataraja. The place has two caves Cave 1 and Cave 2, the first cave also known as ‘Mandapa’ holds the central shrine to Lord Shiva’s various forms. The caves have held majestic architecture for the longest time hence welcoming an increasing number of tourists every year.

  • Worli Fort –
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This fort holds yet another important place in the history of Mumbai. While it may not be as well known as other forts in Mumbai. The place holds a lot of historical significance, the fort was built in the 17th century by the brits to create a robust fortification to protect Bombay against any potential external threats, the fort was strategically built to the western coats of Bombay to gain the advantage of surveillance and defense against maritime threats. The architecture of the first is a good blend of european & indian styles hence procreating a beautiful fusion. Forts have been damaged and deteriorated over the years, but property efforts and resources are being directed toward restoring the fort’s state and restoring its historical significance.

  • Rajabai Tower – 

The Rajabai tower stands as the undying testament of love from a son in the memory of his mother. The tower was sanctioned by a wealthy businessman named Premchand Roychand & the chief architect at work was Sir George Gilbert Scott. The tower is a mix of venetian & gothic architecture with intricate styles & designs. The tower is mostly built as a combination of Kurla stone & Malad stone. The tower is located within the prestigious Mumbai University, one of the oldest & the most prestigious universities in Mumbai.

  • Haji Ali Dargah-

Every monument in Mumbai holds a special cultural & historical significance. The Haji Ali Dargah was built in the remembrance of a saint named Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. He was a sufi saint who traveled from Uzbekistan & later settled in India, he was supposedly buried in the same place the dargah stands today. One of the remarkable aspects of the Haji Ali Dargah is its message of unity and religious tolerance. The dargah’s doors are open to people of all faiths, and it has become a symbol of communal harmony in Mumbai. Visitors from various backgrounds and beliefs come to the dargah to experience its spiritual ambiance.

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Here were our top suggestions on the places to visit in South Mumbai, Mumbai isa  bustling city which is a paramount to the entire country in terms of the amount of money it generates, in terms of the power it wields & in terms of the dreams it encapsulates. The best digital platforms to rent a place in MumbaiJugyah, find out more about us at our official website & enjoy the benefits of ZERO brokerage fee & ZERO security deposit.

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