How to Check RBL credit card status

RBL credit card status

Credit cards are one of the Most Important Banking Instruments We own. With Ease of use and convenient pay-back options, the Credit card has revolutionized the banking system. The credit card offered by RBL Bank Aims to Provide Easy Cashless transactions and offer other Benefits Like EMIs, loans Etc. You can Apply for an RBL Credit card Online at their official Website. Once Your Credit card Application is Approved, The Bank Allows You to keep track of your RBL credit card status.

After Applying for Your New credit card From RBL Bank, You might want to know the Current Application Status of Your credit card. You can track Your RBL bank Credit card Application online and offline. 

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How to check RBL Bank Credit card Status online?

Once You have Successfully Applied for an RBL Credit card at Your Nearest branch, You can Track your Application Status online with the reference number provided by the Bank. You can follow the Simple Steps Mentioned Below to check RBL Bank Credit card Status online.

  • Visit the official Website of RBL Bank 
  • Enter Your Reference Number & Mobile Number.
  • Click on Submit Button. 

Once You Have Clicked on Submit Button, You Will be Able to See Your RBL Bank Credit card Status online. Now Your Status will be shown in the form of Queries Mentioned Below. 

  • In Process – In Process Means Bank has Not Reviewed Your Application Form. They Still Need to Decide whether They will Approve or Reject Your Form. 
  • On Hold – On hold indicate the Process is on Hold. Bank Has Decided to put the Application Form on Hold for a While Because of Some reasons Like incomplete Documents or any other Details.
  • Dispatched –  Dispatched Means When the Bank has Approved Your Credit card Application Form and Its on Your Way. The bank has to Send the card to Your Registered Address and It will Take 5-7 Working Days to reach Your Home. 
  • Rejected – If Your Account Doesn’t Full fill the Requirement of Credit card, the Bank Rejects Your Application. If you See Rejected as Your RBL credit card Status, That means Your Application is Disallowed by the Bank. You can Wait for 3-4 Months Before Replying to the Credit card. 
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How to check RBL Credit card Status offline?

  • Visit Your RBL Home Branch.
  • Provide the Reference Number to the Bank Executive.
  • The Executive will Verify all the Details and Provide You the Application Status for Your Credit card. 

RBL Bank Credit card Customer Care Number 

If none of the Method Works, You can Get in touch with RBL Customer Care Service to Find Your card Status. 

  • Dial 022-62327777 From Your Registered Mobile Number.
  • Provide Your credit card reference Number to the Customer care Executive. 
  • After verifying all the Necessary Details, the Customer care Representative will Let You Know Your Credit card Application Status. 

In Conclusion 

We Hope this Article Clears all Your Queries related to rbl credit card status. If You have any Question Related to Credit card, You can Share with us in the comments below and We will get back to You Soon. 

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