8 books business students should read

business students

The best way to learn how to be wealthy like Warren Buffett, manage your time well and start a business is by reading. However, you cannot just read any book and expect to find the information you need in today’s competitive environment. It is crucial to find the right literature that will help you develop your ideas.

We looked at the recommendations of Forbes and The New York Times as well other influential media. This result is a list of authors that will help you keep your mind sharp and find solutions to problems old. You can also get inspiration from business leaders who are constantly improving. To make sure you are getting the most out of your studies, you can do your homework https://homeworkdoer.pro/ and research the best authors and books that can help you reach your goals.

1. Business Adventures, John Brooks

Business Adventures had to be included on the list. This New York Times Bestseller is essential reading for anyone who is interested in the history of business. It contains ‘twelve classic stories from Wall Street’ and is considered to be Bill Gates’ best business book.

The book gives an in-depth view of some of the most significant economic, financial, or business moments of this century. This includes the $350m Ford Motor Company disaster known simply as the “Edsel” or the collapse and reorganization of Piggly Wiggly supermarket chains.

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These events, along with ten others, mark major business changes in US business. Many of these repercussions are still relevant today. This book will provide information about key areas where business ethics can be traced back, and also the new understanding of the financial market.

2. The Big Short: Inside Doomsday Machine

“The Big Short” (2010), a nonfiction book that examines the 2007-09 financial crisis or the Great Recession, is an example of nonfiction. Michael Lewis explores the events that lead to the crash through character-driven stories.

This book sheds light on the deceitful practices of Wall Street. This makes it an essential read for students pursuing careers in banking, financial consulting or business law.

3. Clayton M. Christensen’s The Innovator’s Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book Will Change the Way You Do Business

The book was named by Amazon Editors among the 100 Best Leadership & Success Books in a Lifetime by the editors. It has been praised by some of today’s most creative leaders in business, including Jeff Bezos (and Steve Jobs).

Clayton M. Christensen (Harvard professor) wrote this article. He shows how business owners could fail by not following the lessons they learned in business school and by failing to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by the digitalized 21st Century.

This book examines the impact of disruptive technology on companies. It focuses on companies that have missed the new wave of innovation, and those that have fallen prey to traditional business practices.

4. Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor.

It might seem like The Intelligent Investor doesn’t have anything to do with entrepreneurship. But, you would be wrong. The most important investment you can make in your life is starting a company. This is not just a way to invest your money; it’s also a way to protect your most valuable resource: your time.

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One of the most acclaimed books about investing is The Intelligent Investor. The book’s author was Benjamin Graham, who was Warren Buffet’s mentor. This book will provide you with the fundamentals of finance, corporate analysis, as well as securities investing.

While it might not seem important now, trust me. Understanding the basics of good investments will assist you in all your decisions as a founder. If you don’t know how to say, “What is our ROI on that?” then you aren’t reading enough.

5. Shoe Dog, Phil Knight

Bill Gates described this new book, a 2018 memoir written by Phil Knight, founder of Nike, as ‘a refreshingly candid reminder of what it takes to be a successful businessman’.

Knight tells his story of how he built his empire. He started by leaving business school and borrowing $50 from his dad to get his company off the ground. Knight then goes on to recount how his start-up turned into one of the most successful businesses worldwide, turning over more than $30 billion in annual sales in 2018. It is light-hearted and open, with humor and honesty about what it takes to get to the top.

6. Elon Musk, the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX/Tesla is Shaping Our Future by AshleeVance

How could we possibly create a list for inspirational business books that students can read without also including Elon Musk’s biography?

He’s responsible for the creation of SpaceX, PayPal, SpaceX, SolarCity and Tesla. He is obsessed by our solar system. His plans include sending people into space to build colonies on Mars and saving our planet Earth with renewable energy technologies.

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Although this biography is quite detailed, it does not provide any information about how he rose to fame. Beginning with his childhood and continuing to university, the book discusses how he became a successful businessman, including his ups and downs.

7. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Israeli psychologist Daniel Kahneman was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics Sciences. Kahneman’s “Thinking, Fast and Slow (2011) examines the constant struggle between the two main brain systems.

The conflict between these two systems causes errors in memory. This can affect how people form judgments and make decisions. This book will be useful to all college students, including those who are interested in training/development and human resources careers.

  1. Dale Carnegie – How to win friends and influence people

This book can be helpful even if you don’t already have friends. If you don’t have friends, this book could be a double-threat. Many young entrepreneurs believe success is dependent on the product or service they offer. It’s not. It’s about the people who lead you, and create or disseminate the product or service.

High school networking skills are essential. It is impossible to succeed as an entrepreneur at high school if your team cannot be organized. It is important to understand the thinking and decision-making processes of people so that you can keep them motivated.

This book is very helpful in understanding consumer decision making, which you will need when you start selling.


This review has shown that there are a variety of books that business students should read to help them develop their ideas and reach their goals. From John Brooks’ Business Adventures to Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, these books provide insights into business ethics, financial markets, disruptive technology, investments and more. Reading these books can help business students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful entrepreneurs.

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